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How Heaters and Air Movers Remove Moisture

by Audra Kotowski on 17 December 2019
Heaters and air movers work together efficiently to remove moisture from the air and affected materials. But do you know how they actually remove the moisture? Check out our infographic to find out. 
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Meet our new Moisture tool!

by Audra Kotowski on 8 October 2019

Excited about our new Moisture tool? We sure are! After countless hours of design and development, we can't wait to show Encirclers (our customers) our new tool. Not only does it help restorers visually document water losses efficiently, it...

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Try Our Web App Refresh

by Audra Kotowski on 8 July 2019

Our Dev and UX teams have spent over a year, reviewing our web app and speaking with customers to learn what they love about Encircle and how we can make their jobs easier. After much consideration, long nights, and hard work, we are excited to...

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Product Announcement: New Rebuild Scoping and Link Redesign

by Audra Kotowski on 13 March 2019

We have two exciting product announcements to share! We are launching a new Rebuild Scoping tool to help restoration contractors capture every line item when they complete a scope, and we have redesigned our Link tool to help make it easier for...

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Mobile Navigation improvements

by Audra Kotowski on 15 February 2019

We are continually improving our software to help insurance carriers and restoration contractors reduce liabilities, improve transparency and trust, and to work collaboratively with all stakeholders in the claims ecosystem. To make it even easier...

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How to Protect Your Margins with Encircle

by Audra Kotowski on 10 January 2019

Restorers know firsthand that scoping can make or break the profitability of a job. You want to make sure you capture all the line items to protect your margins. However, if you miss part of a job, profitability starts to shrink. Here's a few...

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