The Dollars and Sense of CAT Losses

It's that time of the year where contractors are overwhelmed with the surge of CAT-related claims resulting from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and more. To help restorers understand the financial impact of these catastrophes, we've hosted a virtual roundtable with experts to show how these CAT events can impact restorers' cashflow negatively.

If you have any questions for the experts don't hesitate to send them to and we'll do our best to get them answered for you.

Part 1: Planning


Part 2: Processes & Procedures


Part 3: Equipment


Part 4: Questions


Part 5: Negotiation & Terms


Part 6: Expectations


Part 7: Get Paid & Close the File


Part 8: The Dirty Game: Integrity & Ethics


Part 9: Questions & Conclusion



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More about the experts

Warner Cruz, Owner, JC Restoration

Warner has been working in his family’s business that specializes in restoring residential and commercial properties that are affected by fire, flood, or storm damage since he was 10 years old. Under his leadership, J.C. Restoration has become a pace-setter for the restoration industry — providing the highest quality of service, using leading-edge equipment and technologies, and having the most highly-trained, knowledgeable staff.

Russ Toering-Round
Russ Toering, VP - Large Loss Team at Paul Davis GTA West Group

Russ’ extensive experience servicing large and complex losses within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as well as CAT events locally and across Ontario has provided a wealth of knowledge allowing Russ to create the right plan and deliver the desired results for the building owner and the insurance company.

Phil Rosebrook, President and Managing Partner, Business Mentors

Phillip specializes in organizational change, building corporate infrastructure, defining marketing strategy, developing measurements for accountability, and creating sustainable business plans. He is a member of the advisory board for the startup energy drink company Mantis Energy.

Kris Rzesnoski, VP, Encircle

With over 15 years of experience in the restoration and insurance industries, Kris is committed to driving Encircle’s delivery of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that improve productivity and profitability. Kris currently sits on the RIA’s Restoration Council, Canadian Education Committee, and is the Chairman of the Estimating Committee.

Dave Carroll, Director of Sales, Encircle

Dave leads the go-to-market teams across the insurance and restoration verticals, delivering efficient and easy-to-use mobile and web technology solutions. He is passionate about growth through customer advocacy.

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