Claims Insight: Exceeding Customer Expectations

By Mike Kelly on April 1, 2019

A successfully handled claim is measured by the overall cost, quality, performance and customer experience. While overall quality and performance are contributing factors to a good customer experience, attention within the industry is turning towards a more holistic view on the involvement and effort of the insured throughout the claims process.

Customer experience is critical, not only for customer retention, but also for the possibility of future referrals made by dedicated customers. In order for a customer to recommend your company, a satisfactory experience will not suffice. The quest now is to create “wow” moments that will make the customer want to promote your business. Here are some ways Encircle can help you exceed customer expectations.

Reduced Effort 

When reporting a loss, for most people it will be the first time they have experienced a claim and it can be hard for them to explain the severity of the damage. It can also be frustrating for both the insured and the representative to try and determine the extent of damages. With Encircle Link, the policyholder can easily demonstrate to the representative the extent of damage through the photos. Likewise, the representative can provide more thorough instructions to the insured such as recommendations on next steps and how to possibly mitigate their loss specific to what they are seeing in the photos.

Timely and Effective Response  

In the past when a contractor received an assignment, they wouldn't know if they dispatched enough resources in terms of manpower and equipment until they were on site. In fact, they would often have to reassess once they arrived. With the ability to see the loss before attending, the contractor can now allocate the appropriate amount of resources to handle the loss most effectively. This not only creates a timely and effective response, it helps free up resources for the contractor to handle more claims. 


With both the adjuster and the contractor having a clear line of sight on the claim at all times, the needs of the policyholder can be addressed immediately. A proactive response can be given to the insured regarding progress, delays, or any possible concerns during the restoration process. Knowing the status of a claim at any time, allows the adjuster to be more intuitive to the policyholder's needs. The adjuster can also reach out to the project manager to have any concerns addressed in advance.

When an inquiry or request is made by the insured, both the project manager and the adjuster have the ability to provide an immediate response. No longer does an adjuster have to reach out to the project manager for confirmation prior to responding to the policyholder. A clear line of sight allows for an immediate response with the details provided at hand.

Finally, necessary documentation or authorizations can be executed immediately, preventing delays. By using Encircle Link, documentation can be sent to the policyholder to be signed at their convenience. No delays are created since all documentation can been seen by both the adjuster and the project manager as soon as it is uploaded.

As a result, using Encircle Link improves customer experience by facilitating collaboration between the insurer, contractor, and policyholder through improved communication and transparency on a claim. Want to see firsthand how Encircle Link can improve your customer's experience? Request a personalized demo by clicking the link below. 

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About the Author: Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly is the Director of Business Development at Encircle. With over 25 years in the insurance and restoration industries, Mike works to optimize how Encircle drives collaboration between insurance companies and restoration contractors. He is committed to creating highly efficient processes that allow companies to deliver superior customer service in the most cost-effective way. Mike has been involved in the management of claims teams and quality assurance, as well as the development of several insurers’ contractor management programs. He has also worked with numerous contractors to develop continuous improvement and quality assurance programs to help meet the growing needs of the industry.