Documenting claims: When restorers are not prepared, bad things can happen!

By Brooke Donald on May 21, 2020

In our webinar “Documenting Claims: When restorers are not prepared, bad things can happen!”, our special guest Ed Cross, The Restoration Lawyer, covers how documentation can help increase your profitability and reduce your liability. We review seven steps you can take to help reduce your liability and get Ed's feedback on the importance of each.

Documenting Claims Webinar Part 1

Seven steps you should take on day one to help reduce your liability.

  1. Determine if you can do the job
  2. Get the contract signed
  3. Do your safety assessment
  4. Document the jobsite - Overview photos
  5. Document the jobsite - Pre-existing conditions
  6. Document the jobsite - Cause of loss
  7. Be transparent with reporting

What document do you use to sign up jobs? Work authorization or a contract? 66% of webinar attendees said work authorizations, what does Ed think? Watch the webinar to find out.

Click here to watch part 2 of this webinar "legal issues for Coronavirus contracts”.

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