Tip Sheets: How to Categorize Water

Whenever you respond to a home with water damage, one of the most important tasks that you will complete during your preliminary inspection is how you categorize the level of water contamination. How you categorize the level of water contamination establishes how you will mitigate the loss. It determines what materials you should remove and dispose of, and what materials can be decontaminated, cleaned and dried.

Check out our helpful tips below to see what the different categories of water are and how to categorize them.

The different categories of water

There are three different categories of water that will impact your mitigation strategy. Take a look at the tip sheet below for definitions and examples of the different categories. There is a special category for regulated hazardous materials and mold.


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Properly categorizing the water

Before mitigation can begin, you need to determine what the source of the water intrusion is and categorize the level of risk to human health to the occupants and workers. Follow the steps outlined in the tip sheet below to learn how to properly categorize water losses every time. 


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