Meet our new Moisture tool!

By Audra Kotowski on October 8, 2019

Excited about our new Moisture tool? We sure are! After countless hours of design and development, we can't wait to show Encirclers (our customers) our new tool. Not only does it help restorers visually document water losses efficiently, it includes helpful features like alerts, dehumidifier and air mover calculators, and equipment tracking. 

Setting a new standard


What makes our new moisture tool so game-changing? It was developed with the help of certified restorers and water loss specialists. Who better to tell us what works and what doesn't than the guys in the field? With their know-how and feedback, our team went to the drawing board to develop a tool that restoration contractors would want to use.


Our new tool now facilitates restorers through a drying plan by providing a way to visually document a moisture claim through sketches and moisture maps. Our tool also simplifies decision making around how much equipment is necessary to dry the property. Do you need two dehus or three? Guess no more! Just use the dehumidifier and air mover calculators that follow the S500 IICRC Standard to quickly determine how much equipment is needed to dry a structure! 


Easy as 1-2-3

Say 'good bye' to clunky design, and say 'hello' to our new easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. Our Moisture toAlert-2ol features a simplified workflow to help technicians collect all the necessary information on the job. Now techs with little to no background in water mitigation can pick up our Moisture tool and start documenting a water loss, while experienced water technicians and PMs can remotely review and audit their work to ensure that all readings, measurements, moisture points, and equipment were placed properly. Even better, find out if your dehus are working with our helpful alerts and proactively address issues as they occur. Or use the equipment tracking to know when and where equipment has been placed to digitally track your equipment on the job, billing time, and power usage. 


Impress your customers  

Policyholders and insurers struggling to understand the extent of damage? Not with our new Summary, Full, and Equipment reports. Help them understand the scope of damage and the equipment needed to mitigate the loss with a Full Report. Or use the drying plan to explain the mitigation strategy to the policyholder and insurance carrier to help them understand the current status of the job. Not only will they be impressed with your solid documentation, they'll appreciate that reports are instantly available to all stakeholders as soon as they are created on the Encircle platform. 




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Get dry with our new Moisture tool. Designed by restorers for restorers, our new tool simplifies water jobs. Plus it is a key component of the Encircle platform and available to all customers! 

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