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How to use the Organization Administrator Permission settings in Encircle

Did you know that Organization Administrators have higher permission levels in Encircle? This allows them to do things like make payments and view billing information, update the branding for their organization, or invite users and adjust their...

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Best Practices for CATs

When catastrophe strikes, it is the restoration contractors who help get things back to normal. Whether it’s a clean up  after a hurricane or rebuilding after a wildfire, you provide expert restoration services to those in urgent need. However,...

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Top 5 Questions Office Admins Have About Encircle

Encircle is a one of the easiest documentation tools that restorers can use in the field. Photos, videos, notes, and more captured in the field are instantly available on the Encircle platform. Yet, Encircle is not just for techs, it is a great...

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Meet the Encircle Support Team!

We’re here to help! If you run into issues while using Encircle, please reach out to us so we can help you solve them.

We can be reached via email, phone (1-888-937-1077), webform (click Submit a Request on our Help Center), or through the mobile...

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Tip Sheets: How to Categorize Water

Whenever you respond to a home with water damage, one of the most important tasks that you will complete during your preliminary inspection is how you categorize the level of water contamination. How you categorize the level of water...

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Are You Ready for CAT Work?

With the increasing amount of natural disasters, the need for restoration contractors to respond to catastrophes is in high demand. There is plenty of work to be done and money to be made, but the question remains: Are you prepared for this line...

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Increase Your Profits by Increasing Your Margins

Profits are top of mind for most business owners, but especially for restoration contractors. As the industry grows and evolves, new pressures are being placed on restorers. More thorough reporting requirements from carriers, global events, and...

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How To Reduce Costs in Your Restoration Business

No matter where you are in the growth of your business, operational costs and overhead will always be a factor in assessing profitability. To maintain wide profit margins, you need to control expenditures without sacrificing what made your...

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The Importance of Documentation

Any number of things can cause damage to a structure, from natural storms to sewer backups. Regardless of the cause, the more detailed your documentation is throughout the restoration of the loss, the more robust your reports will be at the end...

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