Claims Insight: Finding Best Value Through Controlling Costs

by Mike Kelly on 27 March 2019

The primary focus of insurance vendor programs is to provide the ultimate customer experience while demonstrating savings. However, there is a polarity between these two objectives: the more savings you try to extract from a vendor, the more...

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Insurance, Claims Insight

Restoration Ready: The Importance of Detailed Scopes

by Kris Rzesnoski on 14 March 2019

I started in this industry as an independent adjuster. I worked for an old-school adjuster who, and I quote: “Will fire you immediately if you leave it to the contractor to write your scope of work. If you don’t go to site and write your own...

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Restoration Ready

Product Announcement: New Rebuild Scoping and Link Redesign

by Audra Kotowski on 13 March 2019

We have two exciting product announcements to share! We are launching a new Rebuild Scoping tool to help restoration contractors capture every line item when they complete a scope, and we have redesigned our Link tool to help make it easier for...

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Product Update

Getting Ready for Tornado Season

by Brooke Donald on 5 March 2019

In 2018, there were 987 confirmed tornadoes in the United States. Tornado season generally starts in March and continues through to June, although tornadoes can occur any time of the year. Tornado Alley runs through 19 states with Texas,...

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Claims Insight: Keeping Balance

by Mike Kelly on 21 February 2019

One of the biggest challenges facing our industry today is the ability to achieve work-life balance. Hard to define, the definition of work-life balance varies depending on the individual and their priorities. The young, single rookie looking to...

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Insurance, Claims Insight