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Claims Insight: Celebrating Success – The Benefits of Positive Vendor Management

by Mike Kelly on 1 August 2019

As Contractor Vendor Programs evolve, and KPIs and SLAs become more challenging, contractors are being held to the task of trying to outperform. Continuous improvement is the foundation of any successful performance-based program. However, there...

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Claims Insight: Changing Landscapes

by Mike Kelly on 29 May 2019

With the industry experiencing many acquisitions and mergers, the search for a comprehensive claims management platform is becoming increasingly important. As both insurance companies and restoration contractors continue to search for...

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Claims Insight: Embracing Change, Running a Successful Pilot

by Mike Kelly on 3 May 2019

Claims processes are always evolving; searching for new ways to improve performance and the customer experience. Yet, it’s hard to leave legacy programs entrenched in processes that adjusters are familiar with behind. Even if there is a desire...

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Claims Insight: Finding Best Value Through Controlling Costs

by Mike Kelly on 27 March 2019

The primary focus of insurance vendor programs is to provide the ultimate customer experience while demonstrating savings. However, there is a polarity between these two objectives: the more savings you try to extract from a vendor, the more...

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Claims Insight: Keeping Balance

by Mike Kelly on 21 February 2019

One of the biggest challenges facing our industry today is the ability to achieve work-life balance. Hard to define, the definition of work-life balance varies depending on the individual and their priorities. The young, single rookie looking to...

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Claims Insight: Exceeding Customer Expectations

by Mike Kelly on 22 January 2019

A successfully handled claim is measured by the overall cost, quality, performance and customer experience. While overall quality and performance are contributing factors to a good customer experience, attention within the industry is turning...

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Claims Insight: Encircle the Globe

by Mike Kelly on 18 December 2018

In an age of electronic commerce and cloud computing, customer expectations are steadily growing. Businesses across the globe are looking for new platforms to enhance their service, and in turn, are discovering Encircle. In the global environment...

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Claims Insight: Reducing Administrative Burden

by Mike Kelly on 4 December 2018

As a result of the constant desire to improve performance, insurance claim processes are always evolving. Nobody knows that more than Project Managers in the field, who are being given more authority to process claims, while also being the eyes...

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Claims Insight: Making Encircle Part of Your Catastrophe Protocol

by Mike Kelly on 20 November 2018

The biggest challenge facing the insurance industry today is managing catastrophic events. With ever-increasing occurrences of extreme weather events in highly populated areas, servicing claims effectively has become a growing priority. Global...

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