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Claims Insight: Encircle the Globe

by Mike Kelly on 18 December 2018

In an age of electronic commerce and cloud computing, customer expectations are steadily growing. Businesses across the globe are looking for new platforms to enhance their service, and in turn, are discovering Encircle. In the global environment...

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Claims Insight: Reducing Administrative Burden

by Mike Kelly on 4 December 2018

As a result of the constant desire to improve performance, insurance claim processes are always evolving. Nobody knows that more than Project Managers in the field, who are being given more authority to process claims, while also being the eyes...

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Claims Insight: Making Encircle Part of Your Catastrophe Protocol

by Mike Kelly on 20 November 2018

The biggest challenge facing the insurance industry today is managing catastrophic events. With ever-increasing occurrences of extreme weather events in highly populated areas, servicing claims effectively has become a growing priority. Global...

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